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Posted by Rosser on October 20, 2012

Colegio Brooklyn

there's a pool
The school even has a pool! The kids are taught to swim as part of their P.E. class during the hot months of the year: March, April, and May.

One of the main things on our to-do list for these first couple of weeks here in Guatemala was to find a school for Elsa. Well, we seem to have found a great one! It is named Colegio Brooklyn, and it goes from pre-K through high school. The classes have no more than 20 students in them. Other than running on a different calendar (the school year runs from mid-January to mid-October), it seems to be a lot like what she would be attending in the States. She’ll have art, music, math, social studies, etc. Classes here seem to start a bit earlier in the morning. This school starts at 7:30 am and runs til 2 pm.  One school we visited even started as early as 7 am! Sheesh!


looking around the classroom

Elsa enjoyed looking around the school grounds, though she’s so shy that it was hard to tell! But I saw a happy little smirk, especially when she was walking through what will be her classroom next year.

It’s hard to tell how she’ll do, attending a school that is all in Spanish. As they say, kids pick up languages in no time. But what does no time actually mean? So far they can say “gracias” and that’s about it. Of course, our kids are on the shy side. So they probably won’t be ones to let us know just how much they could say if they wanted to! 🙂 Still, being shy myself, the thought of Elsa going into an environment where she doesn’t understand much of anything is….scary. We do, of course, have about 3 more months before school starts. Three months of Spanish in the grocery store, Spanish at church, Spanish in the market, etc. But I have a feeling I’m going to be pretty nervous when the first day rolls around. I mean, it’s my first child, attending her first day of school. In a foreign language. Hm!

the grounds
Some of the grounds….it’s hard to describe how the school is different from one in the States without you actually seeing it….so here’s a picture instead. :)
Posted by Rosser on October 16, 2012

Some Outings

 Yesterday was our two week anniversary for arriving in Guatemala. 🙂 It’s been a busy two weeks!

We’ve had several outings to ministry sites and also around the city and surrounding areas.

Roger speaks with Pastor Hugo, who pastors the church in SABV.

 Last week we headed out to San Antonio Buena Vista (SABV).  In the photo above, you can see children lining up outside of the church, waiting for their meal. The kids had a great time out there, and I must say that Josiah stole the show with his entertainment tactics. Elsa enjoyed handing out hair clippies to the girls she met.

Please keep Pastor Hugo in your prayers. He has been having many heart problems, and cannot afford to buy enough of the medicine he needs in order to take it on a consistent basis.

Craft time at La Primavera
coloring after the lesson

Sunday was our first time to get out to La Primavera, since we were rained out last week. Every Sunday afternoon we hold a service for the children. It is intended for the children of the feeding program, but of course all are welcome. Before the service begins, we open the building up so the kids can come in and play. Upstairs the bigger ones will be playing a rousing (read: possibly dangerous) game of soccer while the smaller ones do puzzles or another such activity below. The service then begins with songs and proceeds to a lesson, which is followed by a craft/coloring time. Needless to say, this was right up Elsa and Amos’ alley!

with our new van outside of La Primavera
Our new van!
(outside the ministry building at La Primavera)
road to Yalu
Our van has already traversed this road and roads much worse!
Posted by Rosser on October 10, 2012

Success in Guate by Roger

Lots of Firsts in Guatemala

Today, David and Roger made their first visit to the SAT office to secure a federal tax number called the NIT which will be used to purchase a car or property of any sort. This was just one in a long lists of firsts for the Rossers. One of the most memorable was the first trip into the market.

Grammy negotiating for a Sandia (watermelon)

If Elsa learns how to bargain from Grammy, she will be quite an asset to her mom. However, at this point, she is hardly saying anything what with everything being so new and different. All in all, the kids are doing super!

Fish seller trying to convince David to buy an Octopus for dinner

No need to go on and on. Oh, I might mention that around the corner form here, they saw a huge hog head laying on the counter. It’s just the beginning! They are doing great!


Posted by Rosser on October 9, 2012

Feeding Center

San Antonio Buena Vista Feeding Center. Over 100 children are fed three times a week in this rural village. Hearts for Heaven provides the food, clean drinking water, and salary for the cooks and feeding center director. Please pray for the children, the Pastor Hugo and Dora and the village of San Antonio Buena Vista.

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