Sponsor a Child

January 4, 2013 Rosser

Thursday Hearts for Heaven (Roger, Beth, Oscar & David) made a trip down to San Antonio Buena Vista, Guatemala. San Antonio is a small village thousands of feet down the mountain from Guatemala City and therefore much warmer. For those of you who do not know Guatemala has an extraordinary landscape of beaches, mountains, flatlands and jungles. Guatemala City itself sits at about 6000 ft above sea level and enjoys very nice weather all year.

In San Antonio we enlisted new children for the coming year’s feeding program there. We take names, family information, photos and weight of each
child. For the next year these children will be blessed with lunch, three times a week along

with a Sunday service. This year, the plan was to enlist only new children and this amounted to over 70 kids. This brings the total number of children at SABV to about 175.

As we mentioned, enlisting children entails taking photos and names and from here we can pass along this information to you who may be interesting in sponsoring a child. Hearts for Heaven’s sponsorship costs $25/month and provides the 3 meals each week and the opportunity to communicate with the child for those who would like to. We believe it is a wonderful and modest way to care for the least of these. There are many children who would love to know they’re thought of and prayed for from someone in the States. Click (here) to learn more about Sponsoring a Child.

Another way that the Feeding Program here blesses people is that local women are hired to prepare the food for the children. They are payed a livable salary which includes a whole extra month of pay and annual bonuses. This is a tremendous blessing to them and their families.Thanks for checking out our blog and website. Feel free to contact us if you’re interesting in supporting the ministry or getting involved.