Short-Term Teams

“Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.” Rom. 12:13

We host short-term construction, medical/dental, and evangelism teams in our family friendly ministry home.  Much of the ministry is made possible because of these teams and the incredible advances that are made in a few days.  It is amazing to see what these teams can do in 10-14 days.

Some teams have come down and built entire churches, houses, and classrooms.  These small one-room houses are more than they ever dreamed of.  The opportunity to show the love of Christ in these practical ways are endless.

We also hope these short-term trips encourage people to consider a life of foreign missions. It is easy to forget how most of the rest of the world lives and how simple it is to help them out.




If you are interested in scheduling a Short-Term mission trip click here.