Feeding Centers

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me,” Jesus (Matt. 18:5)

The feeding programs established by Hearts for Heaven provide over 1500 meals a week for children ages five through twelve. Many of the children that are fed eat only one meal per day. The meals that are provided are balanced in dietary nutrition for the development of the children. These meals are typical Guatemalan fare that encompass the major food groups. Vitamins are provided for the children which would not have them if they did not to receive them from the program.  The children also receive medication to fight parasites and fungus every six months.

Most importantly, the feeding programs serve as a vessel through which to tell the children about the love of Christ. After each meal there is Bible time, songs and a crafts. Meal TimeAdditionally, in order to be a part of the program, the children are required to attend a Sunday service at the local church that the program partners with. This requirement brings the children’s family into worship, exposing them to the love in which their children are being served.

You may want to chose a specific child to help overcome their dismal circumstances and give them hope by letting them know that someone cares about them.  To find out how you can change a specific life click Child Sponsorship.

La Primavera

La PrimaveraThe La Primavera feeding center was established in October of 2000, and is the model by which the other feeding programs have been established. La Primavera is a settlement of ‘squatters’. These are families that have left remote villages in hopes of finding employment near the city. The children that are being fed are transitional as their families are following employment opportunities. Currently there are over 100,000 people in the La Primavera settlement. The feeding center is a three story building located in the midst of the settlement. There is a great opportunity to expand the ministry with additional feeding, evangelism and educational programs. HFH has started the construction of a vocational school next door to the feeding center which is being built as funds allow.

San Antonio Buena Vista (SABV) Photo

The village of San Antonio is located about one hour from Guatemala City, and was the second feeding center location established by Hearts for Heaven. The village is a farming community that is very poor, with a poor school system. The feeding program is based in a local church that Hearts for Heaven also helped build and develop. Since the program began in San Antonio, many families have transitioned out of the program, moved to the city to find work, or have left for other reasons. Because of this program, many of the children and families that have left have done so with a new hope in life as they now carry Jesus Christ in their hearts. The center at SABV is feeding an average of 125 children. Pastor Hugo and wife, Dora, are on staff with Hearts for Heaven and lead the ministry here.


Las Mercedes 

The most recent feeding center in Las Mercedes  was opened in Winter of 2013. There are over 2000 children in this coffee and plantano (a type of banana) farming village. The  feeding center was built within a local Christian church, which was previously built by Hearts for Heaven. The feeding center acts not only to feed the children, but also offers available room for classrooms and ministry projects. Presently, the program is feeding 175 children and will probably expand to 200 soon.