Christmas Gifts

If you really want a rewarding adventure, get involved in our Christmas gift delivery.  Volunteers donate shoe boxes filled with fun and helpful age appropriate items.  Hearts for Heaven collects them in Charlotte and ships them to Guatemala.  We then distribute them to the children on our feeding centers and the churches who receive our children’s literature.

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We never know what we will get into along the way.  Some children prepare special concerts, or dramas to welcome us.  Many draw posters or signs, and most excitedly wait for hours because communication is so limited they hardly ever know exactly when we will get there.  It is a lot of work, but when you see the children receive the thoughtful gifts you know with out a doubt it is worth it.  Especially when you realize many of them would just receive a fruit or maybe nothing without the effort.

We do this to remind them of God’s supreme gift to mankind.  Each time we hand out gifts we are careful to tell the children about Jesus’ gift and His desire for them to walk with Him.