Consider Sponsoring a Child

There are serious needs in Guatemala.
There are serious needs in Guatemala.

There are serious needs in Guatemala.You may want to have the blessing of caring for an individual child or family.  You can choose from the photos shown below, or contact us to find out about other needy children you may want to sponsor.  Your gift will ensure that the child you choose to help will be able to participate in our feeding program and all of the blessings that go with that (eg. worship services, Bible lessons, crafts, recreation, etc.) .   You may also want to send special gifts through Hearts for Heaven to help with clothing, education, or housing.  Just make sure you mark your payment accordingly.

These gifts will help the child you choose develop beyond the desperate circumstances they find themselves in.   Your child will be blessed by your generosity and you will be blessed by being able to see how they develop and mature.  You may want to write or even visit your child as the Lord builds the bond between you.

Sponsoring a child not only ensures that child the opportunity to participate in our programs, but it also helps keep our programs running for other children.

Please ask God if He would have you sponsor one (or more) of these precious children.

Genesis would greatly benefit from your sponsorship.

Genesis Aylin Alvarado Gomez


Genesis would really benefit from your sponsorship.

Would you consider helping Andy get the nutritional meal he needs?

Andy Almilcar Gomez Imperez


Would you consider sponsoring Andy with nutritional meals and spiritual nourishment?

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