Pastoral Training

"For the building up of the body of Christ..." Eph. 4: 12

Pastor Conferences

Over the years Hearts for Heaven has established relationships with many churches in rural Guatemala. In the early days it was dentistry that took them into the villages; then the Feeding Centers; and now through the Sunday School material we continue to increase our contact with people in rural Guatemala.

Through these means we have been able to help the many pastors and teachers over the years. What may seem small in our eyes is often received with such joy and humility: friendly visits, bibles, help with church building repair, beans and rice, accountability and friendship.

Teacher Training

We hold monthly conferences for Pastors and teachers. Here we try to help teach the Pastors and teachers how to use the childrens' Sunday School material effectively and also help them in their leadership roles. We have dreams for these conferences to involve even more speakers and teachers from Guatemala and the United States.

If you are interested in helping train Pastors and Teachers, let us know.