What We Believe

Hearts for Heaven is a non denominational ministry committed to honoring Christ as Lord.   We serve others with the resources He has given us in order to evangelize the lost, and disciple the saints.  Some of the basic doctrines we hold are as follow.

There is one true God, eternally existing in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  He is the creator, sustainer, and judge of the universe.

Mankind was created in His image and judged “very good.”   The first two humans rebelled against Him causing us to be broken, and separated from Him.   Because Adam and Eve sinned, we sin, and live in a broken world.

cross-66700_1920Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came to earth to pay the price for our sin, redeem us, and restore our relationship with God the Father.

Jesus Christ rose from the dead, ascended to heaven, and now reigns at God the Father’s right hand.  He will return to take the Church to live in heaven with Him forever.  Those who reject Him will be cast out of His presence into everlasting torment.

The Holy Spirit empowers believers to grow in their understanding and awe of God.  The Holy Spirit is empowering His church to fulfill the command of Jesus to take the saving message of His salvation to the ends of the earth.

The Bible is God’s message to mankind.  It is inspired, inerrant, authoritative, and instructive for life and Godliness.