VBS = success

December 11, 2012 Rosser

We finished off VBS last week with a bang. Literally. Though we weren’t the ones creating the bang. Friday was the Dia de la Quema Del Diable: day of burning the devil. For the past week or two little stores had popped up, selling satanic effigies. When I first saw them, I thought they were very weird looking Santa Clauses (I found a picture of one!). But, turns out they were the Satans that were meant to be burned Friday night, along with whatever trash could be rummaged together, and the shooting off of fireworks. And it all took place at about 6pm. Right when we were trying to get home from La Primavera. What is typically a 30 minute ride home turned into almost 2 1/2 hours. Right at dinner time. Half of us coming down with colds or already sick. All of us tired from the week of VBS. Goodness, something about that combination makes you happy to get home!

big kids
class of big kids, taught by Oscar and Francisco

At any rate, as aforementioned, the week finished up quite well. The number of attendees did grow. Each (of the three classes total) had between 30 and 40 students. Which is a lot of kids for a block building with little sound absorption!

Our kids also had a great time during the week, and it’s fun to see that elsa and amos playingthey are making friends there. They’re all quite popular, novel as they are, especially Josiah. They were stuck like glue to me at the beginning of the week, but as time went by, they began to venture out a bit. I can imagine that it is a rather overwhelming thing for them: the noise (oh the noise) + so many kids + not yet understanding the language.

Thank you for your prayers!